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2 Spanish Language Schools in Medellin 2024

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Medellin ratings & opinions

How our students rated their experience in Medellin


Rating: 4.5/5.0

Overall attractiveness of Medellin
12 authentic ratings from students who reserved a course with us in Medellin

Rating: 4.7/5.0

Friendliness of locals

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Interesing things to do

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Geographic setting

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Public transport

Rating: 4.5/5.0


Rating: 4.1/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0


Rating: 4.2/5.0


Rating: 4.1/5.0


Rating: 4.0/5.0

What our students said about Medellin

I really liked Medellin. Above all, Poblado is a very nice neighbourhood for going out or simply meeting up with someone. If you take the metro into the centre, it's a different story, but still doable. And a trip to Guatape is of course also worthwhile. The weather is great, always spring-like warm, not too cold at night - and if it rains, then for a maximum of 1 hour. I would definitely like to go back to Medellin.


Rating: 5/5

Tobias Germany

It's a rich choice for mature people who are disciplined and will keep secure. Careless ones can be robbed, most naive can end their life path here.


Rating: 2/5

Torvald Russia

Boring in the sense of good for living but uninteresting for travelling. There isn't anything interesting to do besides eating, drinking, clubbing.


Rating: 4/5

Carl Colombia

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Medellin


Rating: 5/5

Beth New Zealand

Most recent student reviews of language schools in Medellin

Nueva Lengua

I found the size of the classes very good, 5-6 people. "Being thrown in at the deep end ;-) Helpfulness, flexibility

18 December 2023
Course: Intensive Spanish - 1 week
Student age: 33 years


Rating: 4

| 1 review
Centro Catalina

The teachers are very patient and very friendly. This is actually a rare combination. The management (also teachers) make a lot of effort and also act very spontaneously if a teacher cancels spontaneously or something else comes up. In general, it seemed very organised. The lessons are very varied. Not just dry vocabulary learning, but also practical references. At the same time, you also learn a lot about Colombia itself. The ladies at reception were also very nice and really helpful. My course was very small, there were a maximum of 3 of us, although there were also larger courses. There was also a good mix of people (lots of Swiss, but also French, Americans...) And of course the location is also great. Right in the centre of Poblado, max. 10 minutes' walk to the bars and restaurants and the metro is also within easy reach. I stayed at the school, so breakfast was included. It was very good and there were also other activities on offer in the evenings or afternoons (salsa classes, for example)... Thanks again to Ymer! And also not to forget the great support from Cologne (Tanja), who was always available and was able to deal with problems and enquiries quickly and easily - ...and also asked questions from time to time.
Very nice school, well organised.

8 December 2023
Course: Intensive Course - 1 week
Student age: 31 years


Rating: 4.2

| 11 reviews
Centro Catalina

The people were friendly and welcoming. The school had fantastic facilities.

27 July 2023
Course: Intensive Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 29 years


Rating: 4.2

| 11 reviews
Centro Catalina

You will definitely have the best time here if consider this place a hostel with amusing activities and a tiny bit of helping with your Spanish.
They have accountability of a child 3 y.o. they will never accept their guilt, will never punish a teacher for wasting your money or not caring, they will rather give you the rest of your money back than adjust to your needs.

6 June 2023
Course: Intensive Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 36 years


Rating: 4.2

| 11 reviews
Centro Catalina

Small Classes, super nice people (staff), very flexible on what they teach according to your wishes

3 March 2023
Course: Standard Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 21 years


Rating: 4.2

| 11 reviews

Information about Medellin

Why Medellin? Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, is not overshadowed by the country's capital! Here you will find an exuberant mix of mouth watering cuisine, a rhythmic nightlife and a coffee that will awaken the sleepiest. Medellin has the perfect climate and is often described as the City of Eternal Spring, expect blue skies and a pleasant cooling breeze. Throughout your stay you will be greeted with the famous friendliness that is present throughout the country. The culture here mixes a traditional latin feel with a cosmopolitan vibe, making this city extremely appealing for visitors. Grab your dancing shoes and experience this wonderful city!
Population: L  2,000,000
Elevation: 1405 m. above sea level
Time zone: +5h. (GMT -5)
Region: Antioquia, Medellín
Currency: COP (1 COP = 0.0002 USD)
Name of city in Spanish: Medellín
Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 180 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Visa requirements data last updated on 04 Jun. 2024 (Source)
For the most up-to-date visa information please consult with the embassy or consulate of Colombia in your country. List of embassies and consulates of Colombia on the official website - .
High season: January
Low season: March
Average course price per week: 273 US$
Cost of Living:
* 100 = prices in New York
  • Price index excluding rent: 36* (64% cheaper than New York)
  • Price index including rent: 24* (76% cheaper than New York)
  • Price index food only:31* (69% cheaper than New York)
  • Big Mac price (Colombia average): 14,407.20 COP
    (32% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type A
  • Plug Type B
  • Residential voltage: 110 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

Q&A - Questions and answers about Medellin

  • The registration fee is charged one time per year. You will be waived the school's administration fee If you already attended previously a course at Centro Catalina.
    Ana Carolina Dos Santos, LanguageCourse.Net - Nov 21, 2022

FAQ about schools in Medellin

  • Yes, you can contact the family a few days before the course starts. The contact details are typically sent a week before the check-in.
    Ana Carolina Dos Santos, Language Travel Consultant from LanguageCourse.Net - Nov 17, 2022

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