2 weeks
Junior (<18 years)
Accommodation (optional)
Colchester - Junior (<18 years)

Junior (<18 years) courses in Colchester offered by 1 language school - 2 week English course including accommodation.

English courses for teens and kids from 6 to 18 years in the summer and other school holidays in 2020. Language travel programs combine learning with fun activities in Colchester, England UK.

With over 20 years of experience, and as one of the world leaders for language trips abroad we have enabled unforgettable experiences for thousands of teenagers worldwide:
  • Fun activities every afternoon and options for weekend excursions.
  • Programs with 24/7 support and emergency phone number provided by schools.
  • Making friends from all over the world.
  • Offered by the leading language schools with high quality teaching standards.
We understand that especially for children and younger teenagers safety is of utmost importance and we assist you:
  • Arranging safe pickup from airport.
  • Choosing programs with experienced monitors if you require 24h monitoring.
  • Choosing programs with daily accompanied transfer from accommodation to school or with on campus/residential accommodation.
  • Special dietary requirements can generally be provided. Just let us know and we will check with the school.
Want to travel together with your child? Maybe take a course yourself at the same time? Contact our language travel experts and we will be happy to consult about the best program for you.
Nowadays many airlines make the travelling of unaccompanied minors very safe with airline staff helping through boarding, supervising minors during the flight, and accompanying the minor at the destination airport, staying with the minor until the authorized representative of the school has been met. See
this video with details about this airline service
. Many airlines offer this service already for children aged 5 or older.
See our detailed airline comparison of airline policies and service fees for unaccompanied minors.
Colchester English Study Centre, Colchester
Lessons per week: 20 (50 minutes per lesson)
Max. students per class: 14
Required minimum language level: Beginner (A1) (No previous knowledge required) or higher
Average number of levels (Junior courses): 7 (in summer) - 7 (throughout the year)
Average number of teenagers and children: 110 (in summer) - 30 (throughout the year)
School accredited by British council School accredited by English UK (English United Kingdom)

Which school to choose?

Get free advice from our language travel experts to help you find the best school for you.

Reviews by former students who attended a Junior (<18 years) course in Colchester

Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 95 reviews

The teacher.

13 August 2012
Course: Junior Programme Clacton, Homestay (13-16 years) - 4 weeks
Student age: 15 years


Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 95 reviews

Get to know people your age from different cultures.

19 August 2010
Course: Junior Programme, Ipswich Homestay (13-16 years) - 4 weeks
Student age: 16 years


Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 95 reviews

Good rapport between students.Lessons were a little bit boring. Activities could be improved as they didnt explained anything during the tours.
You will make a lot of friends and will have a great time.I wish there were less students.

2 August 2010
Course: Junior Programme Clacton, Homestay (13-16 years) - 3 weeks
Student age: 16 years


Rating: 4.2

4.2 | 95 reviews

Both fun and challenging.
Some activities should be in scheduled groupes, a mix between different nationalities, to prevent from forming groups like "the french people", "the chinese" etc.

22 October 2008
Course: Junior Programme Clacton, Homestay (13-16 years) - 2 weeks
Student age: 16 years


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