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Granada - Spanish & Dancing

8 Spanish & Dancing courses in Granada offered by 6 language schools - 2 week Spanish course.

Dance is central to the culture in Granada and as a result students can combine Spanish courses with dance classes. These additional classes vary from focusing on a specific dance technique or a general overview of the dances in the region.

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Reviews by former students who attended a Spanish & Dancing course in Granada

Rating: 4.5

4.5 | 65 reviews

Teachers, mood at school

1 October 2014
Course: Spanish & Flamenco or Tango - 2 weeks
Student age: 52 years


Rating: 4.6

4.6 | 28 reviews

I enrolled in SHM from Australia, having never learned Spanish before, and with little basic knowledge at all. From my first day, the school was not only a wonderful learning institution, but also a tremendous support network for me on all levels. From coming with me to the Office for Foreigners in order to help organise my long term student visa, to assisting me in applying for work, the staff at the school were unfailingly kind, helpful and supportive. In the time I attended I had both private and group classes. I had a great time regardless of whether it was one on one, or with other students – my classes were filled with humour, great conversation, and learning. I always felt I could ask any of the teachers to explain things more fully, and was often aware that the teacher was setting different level exercises for each student in the class, to ensure that all were learning at the appropriate speed. I also noticed that in many cases teachers actively sought innovative and creative ways of teaching. They genuinely sought to engage their students interactively, and teach in novel and interesting ways. I felt the teachers gave their heart and soul to the job and really cared about each student to walk through the door. Our social occasions were wonderful, and the friends I made whilst at the school – both staff and students – will remain friends for life. From the moment of my booking in Australia, I was assisted in everything I needed to apply for my student visa, find a flat, and begin a new life. The school understands the dislocation many people feel on moving to a new country, whether it is for a month or permanently, and are always on hand to help. I can’t recommend SHM more highly, and having spoken to many other people in Granada who have attended other courses, I feel very fortunate that I chose one so well organised, helpful, and financially affordable. No matter where you come from or what you hope to achieve in learning Spanish, SHM will work with you to make sure you make those goals a reality. Thank you all so much for your kindness, friendship, and good times.

13 April 2012
Course: Spanish & Flamenco Dance - 16 weeks
Student age: 38 years


Rating: 4.5

4.5 | 65 reviews

well organized with friendly staff

31 July 2006
Course: Spanish & Flamenco or Tango - 1 week
Student age: 29 years


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