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Most recent student reviews of language schools in Nuremberg

Sprachschule Aktiv

It's been fantastic ;)
More details about the argument in the course.

10 May 2022
Course: German Intensive Course - 1 week
Student age: 36 years

Rating: 4.3

4.3 | 9 reviews
Sprachschule Aktiv

The staffs are friendly and helpful. The teacher Karen is awesome. I’m so lucky to met her as teacher from beginner. I must say learning German is really tough....lots of grammar and maskulin, feminine and so on....The teacher who’s teaching A1.1 is crucial for beginner....my German in progress as I only learn one month up to now. I wish I have more time to stay here cuz it’s really helpful.
Alles gut!!! Ich bin lerne gern Deutsch. Vielen Dank.

2 March 2020
Course: German Intensive Course - 4 weeks
Student age: 31 years

Rating: 4.3

4.3 | 9 reviews
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Interesting information about Nuremberg

Why Nuremberg? The history is home to a huge amount of history. It was here where some ...
of the biggest Nazi rallies were held, where the first boycotts of Jewish businesses began and where the infamous Nuremberg Laws outlawing German citizenship for Jewish people were enacted. During WW II the city was reduced to ruins and more than 6000 people in the process. It was also the chosen city to hole the tribunal against Nazi war criminals and most were sentenced to death here. Since then it has had a rebirth and built itself back up to almost the same beautiful medieval city it was before. Gothic churches, splendid patricians' houses and romantic corners can be found throughout and the locals of this energetic city enjoy the lively nightlife where the beer is as dark as coffee. As one of Bavaria’s main attractions,the city is alive with visitors all year-round, but especially during the spectacular Christmas season where markets get people in the festive season more than any other city in the world.
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Key Facts about Nuremberg

Population:   516,000
Time zone: +11h. (GMT +1)
Region: Bavaria, Regierungsbezirk Mittelfranken
Currency: EUR (1 EUR = 1.0895 USD)
Name of city in German: Nürnberg
Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 90 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Visa requirements data last updated on 01-12-2022 (Source)
For the most up-to-date visa information please consult with the embassy or consulate of Germany in your country. List of embassies and consulates of Germany on the official website - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.
High season: July
Low season: September
Average course price per week (High season): 138 €
Average course price per week (Low season): 113 €
Cost of Living:
* 100 = prices in New York
  • Student price index excluding rent:73* (27% cheaper than New York)
  • Student price index including rent:50* (50% cheaper than New York)
  • Price index food only:55* (45% cheaper than New York)
  • Big Mac price (Germany average): 4.38 €
    (7% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type C
  • Plug Type F
  • Residential voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

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FAQ about schools in Nuremberg

  • Sprachschule Aktiv has received the best overall rating in Nuremberg.
  • Sprachschule Aktiv, located in Winklerstraße 12, Altstadt, St. Lorenz has been voted as the school with the best location in Nuremberg.
  • 332€ for 2 weeks is the lowest price for a German course in Nuremberg. The average cost of a language course in Nuremberg is 135€ per week.
  • Students rated the activity program at Sprachschule Aktiv as the best.
  • Sprachschule Aktiv was rated highest for quality of teaching.
  • The schools we work with in Nuremberg only offer German courses.
    Rubén De Haro, Area Manager - Spanish from LanguageCourse.net - Nov 12, 2021
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