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Why Cancun? From ruins to riches, Cancun has it all. In fact it is hard to imagine a site better endowed with natural, archaeological, and man-made attractions. Technically an island, the resort zone is a 14 mile long slender ribbon of sand, shaped like the number seven. Its stunning beaches must be seen to be believed: silky smooth sugar-white sand, lapped by the turquoise and emerald waters of the Caribbean.
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Most recent student reviews of language schools in Cancun

Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

I was surprised about the nice setting, nice garden, nice rooms .... I did not expect that we get snacks during the breaks.

4 April 2010
Course: Intensive - 1 week
Student age: 37 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

I liked the teachers I have received in school, I think they are smart
I found the website by chance, the only thing I can say is that it was a beautiful experience. Now I know what I want in life.

23 July 2009
Course: Mini Course - 4 weeks
Student age: 25 years

Davide Raniero

Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

all persons are very friendly and open.

24 January 2009
Course: Intensive - 1 week
Student age: 24 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

the school is located perfectly-right in the centre of cancun! I really like the way of teaching!
In that school you can learn a lot if you want a lot! If you don't care, they don't care! You have a lot of activities besides school! For me the school was not only a language school, it was a school for life!

14 May 2008
Course: Intensive - 8 weeks
Student age: 23 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

The small classes and the very friendly atmosphere!

31 March 2008
Course: Mini Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 28 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

spanish teaching
fine school and teachers

20 February 2008
Course: Intensive - 1 week
Student age: 49 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

Top school, and the teachers and guidance are great!

20 December 2007
Course: Intensive - 4 weeks
Student age: 19 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

meeting new people
A nice place with nice people, I will go back next year to experience everything again.

14 August 2007
Course: Intensive - 4 weeks
Student age: 29 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

nice atmosphere, open and friendly teachers

15 October 2006
Course: Mini Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 22 years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

VERY helpful employees, free snacks and water
all of the employees/teachers were helpful and friendly. The organizators were very helpful and tolerant too.

24 March 2006
Course: Mini Course - 2 weeks
Student age: years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

the quality of the teachers
I had a really good time there, everybody was really friendly, the teachers are very good, the school was very nice, the snack was always good, the teachers really adjust their teaching to your level. In one word: great!!!!

19 December 2005
Course: Intensive - 3 weeks
Student age: years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

Teaching quality, class sizes
Good family attitude at the school with strong teaching skills.

19 December 2005
Course: Intensive - 2 weeks
Student age: years


Rating: 4.4

4.4 | 43 reviews

Intimate atmosphere and quality teaching.

19 December 2005
Course: Mini Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 24 years


Key Facts about Cancun

Population: 543,000

Time zone: +4h. (GMT -6)

Region: Quintana Roo,

Currency: MXN (1 MXN = 0.0504 USD)

Name of city in Spanish: Cancún

Cancun quality of life rating:

Rating: 4.1

4.1 (43 reviews by our former students)

Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 180 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.

universities: 4 (rankings of universities in Cancun)

High season: February

Low season: August

Average course price per week (High season): 255 €

Average course price per week (Low season): 354 €

Cost of Living:

* 100 = prices in New York

  • Student price index excluding rent:35* (65% cheaper than New York)
  • Student price index including rent:23* (77% cheaper than New York)
  • Price index food only:30* (70% cheaper than New York)
  • Big Mac price (Mexico average):52.63 MXN (54% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type A
  • Plug Type B
  • Residential voltage: 127 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

Map with location of Spanish schools in Cancun

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    FAQ about schools in Cancun

  • El Bosque del Caribe has received the best overall rating in Cancun.
  • Students rated Cancun with 4.1 stars out of 5.
  • In Cancun there are course packages where you can learn the following activities: Spanish & Diving, Spanish & Yoga, Spanish & Cooking, Spanish & Surf.
  • 525US$ for 2 weeks is the lowest price for a Spanish course in Cancun. The average cost of a language course in Cancun is 0US$ per week.
  • Students rated the activity program at El Bosque del Caribe as the best.

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