Achele would like to be the official regulator and promotor for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) in Chile. They want to improve the quality of services offered, with the aim of making Chile the preferred destination in Latin America for students of Spanish as a foreign language.
Benefit to Client
To help mediate disputes among partners prior to express agreement by all parties. To guarantee the highest standards of quality to the schools' clients, as defined in the stamp of quality that all members must adhere to.
Guarantee if a School goes Bankrupt
All members of ACHELE guarantee the very highest standards of courses, accomodation and related tourism services. These guarantees include: All members must: - be an official company founded under and recognised by Chilean law - have the minimum necessary infrastructure and resources to maintain the quality of their services - offer Spanish courses for groups and individuals all year round, at a minimum of three different ability levels. - provide a clear and appropriate course structure, including levels, objectives, content and methodology in keeping with the students' needs. - establish, and not surpass, a maximum class-size of no more than 10 students - provide qualified teaching staff who are native speakers, with sufficient training, preparation and experience to carry out their duties - offer regular extra-curricular social, cultural and sporting activities Student ambassador In such cases where a dispute arises between a student and a school which cannot be immediately resolved by the school, the association can offer dispute resolution services. The student ambassador will intervene at the request of the student and will act as an authorised independent party to help resolve the dispute. All members shall accept the Ambassador's school report.
Complaint Procedure
To request assistance with a dispute with a school, please contact defensor@achele.org

Members of ACHELE (Asociación Chilena de Escuelas de Español)

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