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What our students said about Antibes

Rating: 5/5


Everyone is so friendly and there are a lot of interesting sites to visit. It was, however, surprising to see how dirty the streets were and how many homeless people were around. Some even slept in the middle of the sidewalk or in bus stations on the main roads. They frequently begged for money, going as far as harassing customers waiting in line at stores. Nothing happened to me but some of my friends got their wallets stolen or got screamed at by homeless people, so I would rate "safety" at 3/5.


Rating: 5/5


Toronto is a very pretty City, but very expensive City. So, just take care about it. The TTC is good, but too simple. You have to pay the most part of the activities, but there are a lot of amazing things to discover.


Rating: 5/5


Dear people, Toronto is a fascinating pulsating city with sometimes very futuristic facades and bar entrances! Come inside! And enjoy the breath of Toronto and the warm, open, versatile people.


Rating: 4/5


In winter, although the temperature isn't too low, it feels quite cold due to either high humidity or wind.


Rating: 4/5


Toronto is a very affordable and nice city to live and work.


What school directors said about Antibes

Toronto is a vibrant city filled with excitement and wonder; a place where you can experience true multiculturalism.

Robin Adams

Toronto is a multicultural experience where different communities from around the world live in peace and harmony. Toronto is a city of respect.

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