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3 Best language schools in Kyoto (ranked based on student reviews)

You are interested in learning Japanese in Kyoto? We have researched all the details about the best Japanese language schools in Kyoto for you so that you can easily compare prices, reviews, courses for adults and teenagers and special offers.

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Why Kyoto? Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is a city on the island of Honshu. When you close your eyes and think of Japan, you’re probably picturing the normal scenes of Kyoto with its sublime Zen gardens, mysterious Buddhist temples, colourful shrines and graceful geishas. Famous for its classical Buddhist temples, gardens, palaces and traditional wooden houses, this city is a must for those that wish to experience Japanese lifestyle at its best.
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What our students said about Kyoto

Rating: 5/5


Kyoto is a great city. It is truly the cultural center of Japan and it's location allows you to easily go to other interesting cities and equally enjoy city life and beautiful hikes.


Rating: 5/5


Kyoto, the most beautiful city ever visited.

Shi Ngai
Hong Kong

Most recent student reviews of language schools in Kyoto

Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 8 reviews

Small flat, small classrooms without windows

21 October 2019
Course: Standard Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 54 years


Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 8 reviews

Nice lounge where students, teachers, and staff can meet.

2 August 2019
Course: Standard Course - 8 weeks
Student age: 46 years

Shi Ngai
Hong Kong

Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 6 reviews

I really liked the overall vibe. Most of the students love Japan and are taking these classes because they genuinely want to learn Japanese. The teachers I had were all enthusiastic which is always encouraging.

28 July 2019
Course: Short Term Practical Japanese Course - 4 weeks
Student age: 26 years


Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 8 reviews

I really liked the studying environment of the school. Teachers were switched a lot so that I could experience different types of teaching which I loved it. They provide many courses that you have lots of course choices in your level. The lounge was perfect place to making friends.

17 February 2019
Course: Standard Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 47 years

South Korea

Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 6 reviews

I loved the diversity and methods used by the teachers. In addition, the premises were clean and pleasant. The cafeteria's low prices were very welcomed.

14 August 2018
Course: Short Term Practical Japanese Course - 4 weeks
Student age: 21 years


Rating: 4.7

4.7 | 6 reviews

Nice and friendly teachers who cared about their students.
Good location, good accommodation. Kyoto has a lot to offer, and the school showed us many things.

13 August 2018
Course: Short Term Practical Japanese Course - 4 weeks
Student age: 52 years


What school directors said about Kyoto

Kyoto is a famous historic city, which was selected as one of the world’s top 3 cities to visit! Great place for those who like Japanese traditional culture.

Key Facts about Kyoto

Population: 1,460,000

Time zone: +19h. (GMT +9)

Region: Kyōto,

Currency: JPY (1 JPY = 0.0091 USD)

Name of city in Japanese: 京都市

Kyoto quality of life rating:

Rating: 4.7

4.7 (17 reviews by our former students)

Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 90 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.

universities: 24 (rankings of universities in Kyoto)

High season: July

Low season: June

Average course price per week: 25,324 ¥

Cost of Living:

* 100 = prices in New York

  • Student price index excluding rent:86* (14% cheaper than New York)
  • Student price index including rent:115* (15% more expensive than New York)
  • Price index food only:85* (15% cheaper than New York)
  • Big Mac price (Japan average):394.21 ¥ (37% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type A
  • Plug Type B
  • Residential voltage: 100 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz / 50 Hz

Map with location of Japanese schools in Kyoto

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Events in KyotoBest time to take a language course in Kyoto

Jidai Matsuri
Jidai Matsuri

22 October 2021A traditional parade starting at the Imperial Palace celebrating the history of Kyoto. Participants wear costumes representing historical figures.

    FAQ about schools in Kyoto

  • Genki Japanese and Culture School has received the best overall rating in Kyoto.
  • Kyoto JaLS, located in Fukutoku Bldg.2F, 670 Tearaimizu-cho, Nakagyō-ku has been voted as the school with the best location in Kyoto.
  • 32300¥ for 2 weeks is the lowest price for a Japanese course in Kyoto. The average cost of a language course in Kyoto is 22,333¥ per week.
  • Students rated the activity program at Kyoto JaLS as the best.
  • Kyoto JaLS was rated highest for quality of teaching.

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