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Spanish Language Schools in Vigo

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1 language schools in Vigo from 254€ for a 1 week Spanish course

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Vigo ratings & opinions

How our students rated their experience in Vigo


Rating: 4.6/5.0

Overall attractiveness of Vigo
9 authentic ratings from students who reserved a course with us in Vigo

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Friendliness of locals

Rating: 4.7/5.0

Interesing things to do

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Geographic setting

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Public transport

Rating: 3.9/5.0


Rating: 4.4/5.0


Rating: 4.9/5.0


Rating: 4.3/5.0


Rating: 4.3/5.0


Rating: 4.9/5.0

What our students said about Vigo

Public transport: quite well developed with an acceptable timetable. The bus station for regional buses is on the outskirts. Vigo card for urban transport (with reduced fares) is only available to citizens of the city. Tourists have to pay the full fare (currently 1.35 EUR/trip without the option to change trains). Climate: inconsistent weather. Rain can hardly be predicted. You don't need to expect excessive heat, rather a mix of sun and clouds. Affordability: relatively cheap for me; With every drink (including coffee!) there is usually a tapa, so that you don't really need a "main course". Public transport prices at the usual level in Spain. Shopping: not too many shops in the city center, the usual shopping centers a bit outside. Each district has its own small center with small shops.


Rating: 5/5

Sebastian Germany

An interesting city with a good location by the Atlantic Ocean, easy to reach by bus, many good excursion destinations.


Rating: 4/5

Sten Sweden

Lovely town by the sea, lovely with the slopes, we took escalators and lifts up the town.


Rating: 5/5

Kristina Germany

Vigo is a city with a high quality of life.


Rating: 5/5

Rolf Germany

What school directors said about Vigo

Vigo is not well known, tourist are only starting to discover this part of Spain. You will feel at home and be integrated rapidly.

ALEXANDRA LAINÉDirector of Linguamania, lives in Vigo since 1998

Most recent student reviews of language schools in Vigo


Lucia is a very nice person and great teacher. I have learnt quite a lot in just 20 hours. Very pleasant learning atmosphere.

15 January 2024
Course: Intensive Spanish Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 54 years


Rating: 4.8

| 9 reviews

Friendly teachers and staff, felt like a family

18 October 2023
Course: Intensive Spanish Course - 2 weeks
Student age: 72 years


Rating: 4.8

| 9 reviews

Information about Vigo

Why Vigo? Vigo brushes the Atlantic Ocean and is full of lush mountain landscapes all around. This charismatic old-town is a small village amidst a bustling, industrial city. The city is a seafood fan’s dream, where fish, lobsters and oysters barely travel a mile from the sea to your plate.
Population: M  298,000
Time zone: +11h. (GMT +1)
Region: Galicia, Provincia de Pontevedra
Currency: EUR (1 EUR = 1.0890 USD)
Visa: Nationals from USA do not require a visa to study short term courses up to 90 days. Check visa requirements for nationals from other countries.
Visa requirements data last updated on 04 Jun. 2024 (Source)
For the most up-to-date visa information please consult with the embassy or consulate of Spain in your country. List of embassies and consulates of Spain on the official website - Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Union Europea y Cooperacion.
High season: June
Low season: January
Average course price per week (High season): 188 €
Average course price per week (Low season): 227 €
Cost of Living:
  • Big Mac price (Spain average): 4.38 €
    (7% cheaper than in USA)
Mains electricity:
  • Plug Type C
  • Plug Type F
  • Residential voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

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